Best Moving Companies

Every year, for reasons like a job, family, housing, etc. , literally millions of American move from state to state. If you want statistics, the U.S. Census Bureau indicated that about 40 million people moved from one state to another last 2018.

Moving is in itself stressful, and to make sure that the move goes smoothly without a hitch, it’s imperative that you choose the right moving company to help you. But with all the moving companies available, how do you choose the best one? Below are some of the things that you want to take into consideration when selecting the best moving company.

A Blank Moving Contract Equals a Red Flag

A moving company that makes you sign a new moving contract should be an automatic red flag. Never to sign a new contract. Make sure that everything is in writing- this includes any extra fees that they might charge as well as your pick-up and dates of delivery.

Reading the small print can be cumbersome, but take the extra time to read it. Be thorough, and make sure that all the things that you own are listed down in the inventory. Remember that you can’t file a claim for anything that doesn’t appear in the list.

Get References

The best way to get the lowdown on any company is to ask your friends or family who has experienced using their service. However, if you can’t get any recommendation, you can always turn to trusted organizations like the American Moving and Storage Association as well as the State Associations of Movers for a list of trusted movers.

Avoid Paying A Large Deposit

A reputable moving company will never ask for a large cash deposit before moving your belonging. Remember that you should really only pay when your belongings have arrived safely. If you can pay via credit card to make sure that you are protected.

Understand The Moving Contract That You Have

Take some time to understand what kind of moving contract that you have. Generally, there are three kinds of moving contracts.

A Binding Estimate. This kind of contract encompasses everything for the move. This includes all the extras as well as the services. Should you request extra services like unpacking, the extra fees should be settled within 30 days of delivery.

A Non-Binding to Exceed Estimate. This type of contract makes sure that you will not have to shell out for any service that goes over the initial estimate that was made. The first estimate that you receive will be the highest total that you will be required to pay for any type of service that you receive.

A Non-Binding Estimate. This type of contract means that the company can’t require an upfront payment of any more than 10% above the initial estimate that they gave. All excess should be paid within a month of delivery.

Check Your Mover’s License

Perhaps the easiest way to make sure that your moving company is a reliable one is to simply ask for license and certificates upfront.

You also want to get their US DOT number or their U.S Department of Transportation number. The US DOT number is issued by the FMCSA ( The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) to all moving companies. A legitimate mover will always have this number ready should you ask for it.

If you want to be extra sure, you can also ask your mover if they are a member of the AMSA ( American Moving and Storage Association. A mover that’s a member of the AMSA for certain complies with all the federal storage and moving laws.

Be Involved in the Packing Process

Although it might be tempting to just leave everything to your trusted mover, make sure that you are present with the movers for the packing process ( should you opt to let the movers pack your belongings)

Being present will make sure that you can answer any kind of questions should any come up. Remember that reputable movers will always want to check with you for any major decisions.

Also, just by being there, you can make sure that everything has been packed to your satisfaction.

Lastly, make sure that your movers have an inventory list. This will make sure that the moving process goes on smoothly. Plus, you can check your list with the one that the movers made to make sure that everything coincides.

Moving to a new place can be an exciting, but stressful experience, but with the right moving company, you can minimize the anxiety that often accompanies a move.