How Small Business Movers Help You Revive Your Trade

I saw a sign outside a mom-and-pop shop that read, “when you’re purchasing local, you’re not helping a CEO buy his third dream house. You’re helping some mom and dad put food on the table. You’re helping a young boy get piano lessons. You’re helping a little girl buy ballet shoes. Thanks for shopping local.”

I felt moved by that, but that does not mean that it is a rational decision. I do not want to acquire the services of a local business that charges $100 for a service when another organization is legally operating close by and charges $50. Whether that company is small or large is not a concern to me. But in the moving industry, there are a few advantages, including cost advantages, which help you revive your trade:

Cost Difference

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When you hire the moving company’s services, it will send 1-2 movers per truck. No matter the size of the company, the company will send 1-2 movers per truck. The price typically depends on the number of trucks and distance because the number of movers in a truck remains the same. But a premium fee is charged by big moving companies that have been in the business for a long time, on the promise of high quality of service. However, small moving companies offer the same level of services, and they charge less too.

This is partly because they do not have a large moving company’s operational cost, i.e., the more extensive infrastructure, higher maintenance costs, and other costs, partly because they want to encourage the customer to do business with them. This is why they charge less for the same services.


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Often large moving companies are rigid in their offerings because they are more organized and focus on optimization and efficiency rather than customizations and flexibility. On the other hand, small companies are still trying to find their place in the market, which pushes them to make changes for you and increase the breadth of their offerings as so far as they can manage.

Don’t get me wrong. The bigger companies do offer a lot of services, but I know that if I need to move in the middle of the night, a big company will be less responsive to my wishes compared to a smaller company. I, as a single client, mean a lot more to a small company than to a big company and they will reflect that in the service they provide.

Quality of Service

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You ever wondered why the newcomers have better ratings than the large companies? It can be said that the law of large numbers is the reason for it, but I believe this is more a dis-economies of scale problem. As businesses grow large, the hierarchy between owners and end workers increases, and this leads to an inefficient flow of insight from the customer to the owners. This is why small businesses do well when it comes to their ratings because they deliver the customer’s expectations. The quality of service is so well that it compels the customer to leave a positive review.


One such small company I came into contact with is, which has amassed almost a thousand reviews on Google, yet its rating continues to fly above 4.5. This simple fact pushed me to contact them, and I recommend that you use the same benchmark to find the best moving company in your area. The internet has enabled customers to interact with one another seamlessly. It only depends on how willing you are to research. I hope you find the best moving company for you, be it small or large. Happy Moving!